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Your personal animated 3D avatar anime gif sticker

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Mô tả của Your personal animated 3D avatar anime gif sticker

Express yourself with highly expressive 3D anime avatar gif stickers featuring your cartoon anime avatar.

Simply, create your avatar entirely (Face, hair, glasses, beard and much more), pick up one of the many moods, add your own animated text, and share your emotions with your friends in the funniest or cutest possible way as Animated GIF Stickers !

XPRESSO appears in all your favorite messaging apps including WhatsApp, Snapchat, Hangouts, Facebook Messenger & Twitter etc. You don't even have to switch to a separate app or GIF keyboard

And the best part - It’s available completely FREE of charge! No paid upgrades or in-app purchases required! Just an awesome app with no strings attached. Users say it’s the best animated avatar app of 2017.

With daily trending animations and regular updates for every occasion, cultural and pop reference, XPRESSO will keep you wanting to come back for more!

<i>XPRESSO is far more expressive than emojis and stickers. Experience a new style of 3D animated emojis and stickers</i>

<b>App features</b>

• World’s cutest Avatar maker/ emoji maker

<i>Create a character avatar that resembles you using our avatar emoji maker feature</i>

<i>Dress up your avatar in the hottest style and make a fashion statement</i>

• Most advanced text animation maker

<i>Add text to create animated stickers for text message<i>

• Most expressive anime maker featuring mind blowing Avatar + Text Combo

<i>Make your own animated avatar + Text Video with Cool Text Font Styles & Colors</i>

<i>Our revolutionary anime maker lets you speak your heart out with the most expressive animated stickers</i>

• Huge library of animated stickers for text messages

<i> Express with hundreds of lively 3D avatar animated stickers for text messages. Especially designed for your favorite chat, date/dating and social media apps (Facebook, WhatsApp, Snapchat, Facebook messenger, KIK, Twitter, Viber, Allo, etc.)</i>

• Access animations On The Go for Chating/Dating as avatar gif sticker search assistant!

<i>Quickly find relevant animated emoji stickers for text messages without leaving your chat</i>

<i>XPRESSO follows you wherever you go. Share everywhere as animated gif stickers or animated gif video! </i>

<b>XPRESSO anime maker is all about you and your emotions! It’s your own personal animated stickers with text emoticons</b>

<b>XPRESSO is the best avatar maker and 3D emoji maker with cool text art and animated gif video</b>

We are happy to listen to your opinion

Email- hello@xpresso.me

Website- http://www.xpresso.me

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Phiên bản 1.0.14
Khả năng tương thích Android 4.3.x+ (Jelly Bean)
Lập trình viên Mobigraph
Chính sách riêng tư http://xpresso.me/privacy.html

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